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it’s writing, Jim, but not as we intended…

Ok, so I still haven’t started working on the thesis, but I have fed the chooks, collected the eggs, picked some herbs and enjoyed fresh omelet and coffee for breakfast. I’ve finished unpacking the car, and checked and responded to emails, new twitter followers and deleted the spammers. Not bad, eh?

In the meantime, here’s a poem I wrote during the welcome drinkies at the opening night of King Lear (Bell Shakespeare Co), which took place on the rooftop top terrace at QPAC, overlooking the river and the city skyline.

Oh man –
You wanted the stars
Not in your eyes,
Not in the skies,
But down on the ground
Surrounding you.

And so you built
your towers
And you showered
light around
As bright as dust motes
in the sun;
While the stars in the sky
Faded and sank
from sight.

who what when where why whatever

No, that’s not a question. It’s a statement. It’s what I say when I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, or why I am doing it.

So, let’s ponder, and see if something useful comes up.  I’m sitting in the little office of my latest house-sit, in Everton Hills on the outskirts of Brisbane. I have a lovely view of some of the “I could be a mountain if I really tried” hills that skirt around the suburbs, with only a few settlements (so far) escaping into and beyond their folds.

I am being kept company by a lovely old dog named Neesh. She sleeps a lot, but she also lies very still with her eyes open quite a lot, waiting for her owners to return. The first few days after they left she was quite happy to potter around her usual haunts, only coming up to me at meal times – that’s HER definition of meal times, which amounts to any time I approach the kitchen.  But we’ve been having some pretty terrific storms here over the past week, and she is absolutely terrified of the thunder.  I have known some scaredy dogs in my time, but this one actually shivers till her teeth chatter.  So we’ve not only been doing some serious bonding, but she now follows me closely everywhere, and sleeps at my feet whenever she can. Right now, she has crashed on the carpet behind my chair, looking very relaxed.

Now me, I don’t feel relaxed.  I know I never did put up a posting on the performance at VASTA, just talked it out, I guess. The whole project has moved on from then, I have now acquired my production team, Ira Seidenstein (Quantum Clown) directing, John Rodgers composing soundscape, Jason Glenwright as lighting designer and hopefully Bec Li as stage manager (subject to availability).  John Graham is coming out to Brisbane from Provo, Utah to play Jerome, and the wonderful Anna Yen is going to play Kate.

Instead of writing personal blog posts or developing the script (or writing my thesis, for that matter), I’ve been coordinating a mini-Fringe Festival which began as a daft idea in August, when I arrived back from the States, and happened in November.  You can check it all out on the blog and the website  I directed some of my voice and acting students in a 10 minute performance of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

and was absolutely thrilled to be invited to be part of Ira Seidenstein’s Quantum Clown show “A Whole Bunch o’ Clowns”.

Now, of course, the sword of Damocles that is my thesis is revealed to be directly above my head, and I must must must get down to get out from under it.  Hence writing this post…

Oh, I forgot to mention, my other most excellent avoidance tactic, I made and displayed my Handmade By Flloyd jewellery at the Fringe Bar Designer Fashion Sale last Saturday. I sold two pairs of earrings (one pair made on the spot to the client’s specifications) and a necklet.  So there’s lots left still to be sold.  Do feel free to buy!  All proceeds to Thunder’s Mouth Theatre and the production of The Fall of June Bloom (this coming June, 2010, in the Cement Box, St Lucia).

Introducing Natalie Carolyn Kennedy

It’s been a while, but here we are again, with the latest addition to the family.  This is the first day of Natalie Carolyn Kennedy’s life. She was born at St Barnabas Hospital, Millburn New Jersey at 12.45 am this morning, 21st October, 2008

And here we are, about 3 months later.


Hanging out with Owie

Owen and I hung out today. We went to ex-Mola Coffee, and met a young lady called Leticia (aged 21 mths) who kindly brought over the little bucket of crayons when she finished with them. I had my regular cappuchino – capucchino? kapootschyno? and Owie and I shared a croissant, sitting on the floor playing at putting crayons in the bucket and tipping them out again. Then we strolled down to Barnes and Noble, and looked at all the books, Owie being fascinated by the touch of them as we strolled passed. After that we headed back down Washington Street, picking up leaves to wave in the wind, till we came to the toy shop. In there, I bought Owie a box of wooden blocks in 4 colours, lots of different shapes, and he discovered the little table in the front of the shop which had bending wire with beads that you push over the bumps in the wire, like a roller coaster. He got the hang of it very quickly, then discovered that he could make them spin as well, (with sound effects: “WHEEEEE!!!”).

We strolled home via the playground, but didn’t stop off. Waving leaves in the wind, and helping the wind along with whooshing noises was enough.

Back home, we played with his new car (a traction car that goes like the wind when you let it go – or push it), then had lunch of chicken and sweetcorn with apple juice. Grace was here by then. Owie ran round the corner and came a cropper on the floor, which apparently hurt a lot, because he cried and cuddled, and we sat on the rocker and sang for a bit. I’m pretty sure he was asleep, but when I tried to put him in the cot he woke up pretty fast.

So, we played with the new blocks for a bit, and I noticed he stood up, squatted very deliberately, and then did a poo. Clearly he recognised the signs of impending poo and prepared for it. But was he prepared to then get a clean diaper on? No way, Jose! It’s mine, and I’m keeping it…

Some tousle later, back in the cot, (I eventually found a pacifier) he agreed to take a nap. That’s where he is now.

Here is Owen at the Bronx Zoo on Sunday, sharing some thoughts with the reindeer.

Owen at the Zoo