Just for Lu

the Garden, 1a Rodney St, Liverpool 4th July 2018
“Yes! Because…” Liverpool Fringe Festival 2018
Dame June Bloom, Liverpool Fringe Festival, 2018
“WTF” song, Liver bards, Ma Boyle’s basement bar, Liverpool, 5 June 2018
charcoal portrait by audience member, Sound City Festival, May 2018
Busking in Chester, March 2018
Eva Lo Brac sings (photo Terry Cripps)
Eva Lo Brac with Tita (photo Terry Cripps)
Eva Lo Brac with Vittoria. Is she dead ? (photo Terry Cripps)
Busking with Roderick, April 2018

Hi darling, Here are some pictures charting my recent adventures. Only sharing them privately at the moment, as the Out of the Wings photographer (Terry Cripps)  hasn’t given me the copyright to share them as yet. It’s on its way.


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occasional thoughts of Flloyd Kennedy, for anyone who might be interested