Flloyd with 2 Ells

Finally! I found a way to introduce myself, and have my name spelt accurately at the same time. It seems to be working.

This is my identity for my singer-songwriter/performance-poet persona. Since I set up camp in Liverpool, UK in 2017 I’ve been performing at Open Mics and music festivals – all online at the moment, but there are changes in the wind, such as Threshold in April, and Unusual Art Sourcing in May.

Here’s a taste of what I’m performing.

How I spent my days in the early months of lockdown last year.

I’ve also published two collections of poems, songs and essays, both available directly from me, (£8 plus postage) if you’d like a signed copy) or from Amazon if you like the free delivery.

My songs are available on Spotify, Bandcamp, as well as Apple Music, Amazon Music and most, if not all online music streaming services.

Did I ever tell you—I like to do stuff?