Old Year Resolutions

This morning, I decided that the rest of my life starts now (as if it hadn’t already) but what I really meant was that I would walk the dog straight away, and not put it off until tomorrow.

The dog in question is not accustomed to regular walks, he’s a little Jack Russell cross (probably with a spaniel), and he’s been unwell for quite some time, so not really desperate to do much cross country walking. ┬áNow, though, he’s got a new Vet, new medication, and is well into his second childhood, so walks are very much on his agenda.

Of course, he is not allowed on the couch… but when he does get up there, he is So Cute!

Charlie chillin' out

This is one of the reasons I love house-sitting. I get to spend time with some gorgeous animals, I get to walk, and take cute photos.

Another resolution I have decided to get under way before the end of the year is to crack into writing and hence finishing the writing of my dissertation. So I just had to buy an Airport Express base station, so that I could print it out wirelessly, because you have to print out stuff to proof read it properly, and let’s face it, some day I will have something worth proof reading. It only took four hours to get it set up…

And look at that! I’ve just written 232 words – oh, you mean writing them for my blog doesn’t count? Bother.