Still May

Today began ok, but pretty soon descended into one of those pity parties you really don’t want to invite people to. So, against all reason and common sense, when I couldn’t stop crying, crying, crying (oh how boring!) I started talking to myself, and then I recorded myself talking to myself. So this is a podcast with a difference.

I am terrified that if anyone does listen to it, they will feel obliged to send me heart-warming verses of sentimental poetry, or inspirational quotations. Please don’t. Just let me know if you understand what it’s like, and that you, like me, are ok. Coping. Not brilliantly, but coping. If that is the best that we can do, let us do it the best we can.

As a wise man once said to me, “if you’ve only got 30% of your best, give 100% of that 30%”

Deep breath in order to breathe out, aaaaand – go…

working on coping strategy