Trials and Tribulations of Updating Forever

Sorry to be away for a while, lots going on, and nothing, at the same time.

First, where was I?  Isn’t it an interesting phenomenon, that the more tired one gets, the fewer brain cells are available to retain a single thought.  Or is that that one requires more brain cells to create and retain a single thought?

Never mind. The point is, WordPress decided to offer its latest update, to 3.1.1, and as soon as I installed it, I couldn’t login again.  I’ve managed to get back with the help of the good folk at IXWebhosting. I’m back to 3.1, and very reluctant to upgrade again, until IXWebhosting and WordPress find a way to talk to each other kindly.

Enough with the whinging. We made it back across the continent from Newark to Seattle last Monday.  The kids and I had a couple of days worth of adventuring together, with trips on the No 55 bus to Downtown Seattle, and the monorail and hence to the Seattle Centre, and the Experience Music Project.

I’ve put this video up on YouTube, but private. I’m not happy about putting the kids on view for all and sundry to see. So you can watch it here. I’m pretty confident this blog doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic outside of friends and family.

You’ll see Owen and Iain playing baseball at the Grodstein’s house in Haworth, New Jersey, while Natalie provides the musical entertainment. There was a short trip to Moorestown, New Jersey, to play with cousin Natey, then back to Haworth where Iain is demonstrating his skills as an aircraft engineer, as he and Owen test out his invention. Over in Seattle, Owen and Natalie explored some of the instruments on the 3rd floor at Experience Music Project , at the Seattle Center, a wonderful place for kids and music lovers of all age.