Day Out in Manhattan

Micha, Flloyd and John

Micha, Flloyd and John take a bow at the VASTA conference last month.

I’ll be posting about VASTA shortly, but in the meantime, especially for those of you who have never visited New York, here is a soundscape I recorded.

On the second last day of my latest trip, I needed to do some research for an article I was writing, and also wanted to attend a session of the ATHE (Association of Theatre in Higher Education) conference, which was being presented by my colleague from Los Angeles, the fabulous voice teacher and speech pathology expert Joanna Cazden.

I took the bus from Haworth, New Jersey, then the subway to 116th St, walked to Columbia University and picked up a visitor’s pass (courtesy of the mutual facilities arrangement with the University of Queensland) and had a most productive couple of hours in the Butler Library.

As I came out, I heard the sound of drumming in the quadrant, so I took out my digital voice recorder and began recording a soundscape of the rest of my journey, from Columbia campus on Morningside Heights to the New York Marriott Marquise Hotel in midtown Manhatten.

Along with the traffic, and general ambience of Manhatten, above and below ground, there is also the sound of people going about their business, and street musicians.  One of them, Steve McGookin, regularly performs in the New York Metro, and you can find out more about him, his music and his 48 days underground here.


The journey lasted about 45 minutes, but I’ve edited it down to around 12 mins. Enjoy.

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