Now Here’s the Thing

Hello, and welcome to my personal website, the one where I give myself permission to ramble on about anything that’s on my mind, whether it’s relevant to anyone apart from myself, or not.

There are blog posts, and podcasts, depending on whether I feel like writing or talking. The topics will mostly revolve and devolve around theatre, voice training, and family matters, but I also occasionally rant about world affairs and life, the universe and anything at all.

Right now I’m between jobs/semi-retired/freelance, so more time on my hands to rattle my head and share my thoughts.

See you on the other side (of the page).

July 2017. “The Real Mother of Marilyn Monroe”. Cervantes Theatre, London.
July 2018, “Reality – The Final:, Cervantes Theatre, London.

occasional thoughts of Flloyd Kennedy, for anyone who might be interested