The Word from Kenmore

Kenmore by the river, and it’s just lovely. A bit on the cool side, as this is Queensland, and the houses are rarely heated. There is a solid fuel fireplace, but no solid fuel, and I don’t think the owners want me to light it up, so I won’t.

The garden is all around the house, on different levels, and then surrounded by bush – and that means beautiful tall trees just overflowing with a variety of birds, and hence birdsong. Am I lucky, or what?

But I’m still very unsettled, finding it difficult to focus on work, fiddling with the internet, and trying to copy my old cds onto my new external hard drive. Because I’m feeling pretty fragile anyway, it’s easy to get cross with the technology, although it’s pretty obvious I’m just not coping all that well.

So, it’s a jolly good thing there are at least three outdoor patches where I can sit and stare into space, keeping out of mischief as I try to get some of my remaining brain cells to line up into a useful pattern.

I’ll let you know how it goes!