waiting in LAX

Last leg of this trip is about to happen. I flew from Houston to LAX tonight, and the plane for Brisbane is due to leave here in about 1 1/2 hours.

My first visit to Texas was just fine.   Lyndsay was performing in two shows, both quite delightful.  The version of A Christmas Carol, adapted for young children, was performed by four actors, one playing Scrooge while the other three, as ‘ghosts’, provided all the other characters. It was sensitively adapted, true to the original with some gentle insertions of local and contemporary references.

A special treat was a session we had with some of Lyndsay’s actor colleagues, a three hour session working with Archetypes.  We only had time to introduce Hero, Child and Devil, but everyone responded very positively, and I was delighted to be able to share some of this process.

Today, Lyns took me to meet her colleagues at The Texas Repertory Theatre.  This is a remarkable company with its own venue, (a 260 seater pit arrangement) who provide quality theatre and musicals  throughout most of the year. They employ local actors, and actually, according to Artistic Director Craig, “survive on box office”. Now that’s remarkable! Lyndsay and Craig

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