A crazy idea, but it could work…

I propose a mass demonstration, THIS WEEK, by Australian voters who would like to ensure our politicians actually take notice of how we want to be governed.

They do not appear to have received the message we sent them at the ballot box on Saturday, that we are not happy with either of the two major parties.

In the spirit of the trend for stealing each other’s colours, policies and prejudices, I propose we call ourselves the New Coalition.

I propose a mass demo sometime this week, while they are negotiating their deals behind closed doors with the Independents and the Greens.

I propose that we demonstrate with banners proclaiming our instructions to them to provide us with a government that is inclusively democratic, intelligent, compassionate and rigorously honest and open. After all, we pay their wages, they are responsible to all of US, not just whoever they think voted for them.

I propose that we wear gags over our mouths, in honour of the fact that we, the people, were silenced by the nature of this presidential style campaign.

If you think there is a germ of an idea here, please get in touch, and let’s Take Action to Move Forward Together to a New kind of government, one that actually represents the people of Australia, not just the interests of a few power-hungry politicians.

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I'm Flloyd Kennedy, mother of Iain and Roderick, grandmother of Owen and Natalie, daughter of Ina Hofmaster and sister of Wendy Judd. At the moment, I am based in Brisbane, Australia, where I work as a freelance voice and acting coach and occasionally perform with independent film and theatre companies. As well, I am in the process of writing up my PhD at the University of Queensland, my topic being "Theory of the Voice in Performance" This is my personal blog, designed to share news and images with my friends and family only. Now, please tell me something about yourself? What is new with you, and your nearest and dearest? When are you coming to Brisbane/Australia to visit us?


  1. You rock! That is how I feel! I am so tired of our so called leaders- what ever party you voted for- their arrogance is beyound the pale. I am also very tired of people running Australia and Queensland down because their party did not ‘win’. It depresses me terribly. People are divided because neither party has committed to the best way this country should be governed, rather, it is about the party and it’s politics, not us.

    1. Thanks Barb! And isn’t it fascinating, to hear the Independents speaking now, how refreshingly real, committed and thoughtful they sound compared to the party line doggerel we were fed as nauseum throughout the campaign. I’m up for a campaign to force the major parties back to allowing the CANDIDATES to campaign for themselves, promoting party policies of course, but then, the parties would actually have to HAVE policies for that to happen, eh?

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