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A Strange Quietus

I’m home, I’ve unpacked, and I’m trying to figure out how I feel, IF I feel, what I feel and why. I remember this feeling – I have felt it before, once. It was a similar occasion, many years ago, when I had given a performance after some years of ‘resting’. It is a kind of contentment, a gratitude to those who helped to make it possible for me to do my job, as a performer, combined with a sense of satisfaction that I have been allowed to do that thing I was born to do.

Tonight was the opening night of my play, The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will). I wrote it, I’ve produced it, and I act in it. There have been many extraordinary talented individuals along the way who have helped me to shape it, produce it, and bring it to performance. It is the kind of theatre I like to experience as an audience member, and tonight there was an audience who enjoyed the experience we gave them. Wow. Just that – wow.

A new career?

I mentioned in my last post that I had provided a voice-over for a colleague in Dunedin.  His name is Ian Chapman, and he is a musician, writer, lecturer and all round talented person with a spectacular Alter Ego called Dr Glam. Check out his website, and while there, you can click on the Music link and find the mp3 “Interstellar Overdrive” which also features  Sparkles (aka me). To my hyper-critical ear she sounds like the love-child of Kylie Minogue and Dame Edna Everage, but you can judge for yourself…

Let the Games Begin!

As some of you may know, I’m am now deeply into pre-production for my new play, The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will). It’s been 18 months in development, as the practice as research element of my thesis. We have the venue, the cast, the production team and the crew, and here are the details:

9 to 12 November, 7.30 pm

Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio, St Lucia, Qld Australia

Tickets $15 ($10 concession)

If you’d like to support the arts, and the creation of a new theatre work, visit our IndieGoGo site, where we’ve set up some cool Perks and games to play with Shakeseare.