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Christchurch gets personal

tiny Swarovski crystals on Sterling Silver wire hoops

Those earthquake images were horrifying, the voices of the people affected so familiar, and yet it is still quite shocking to hear that people I know are among those affected.

Last September, I was part of the Shakespeare’s Globe Centre New Zealand National Schools Production Week, one of three theatre directors who lead workshops and directed the participants in condensed versions of Shakespeare’s plays.  We each worked with 15 students, aged between 15 and 18, from all over New Zealand, and we each had Christchurch kids in our groups.

double strand bracelet, glass, plastic and silver

I have now heard that although most were lucky enough to escape the worst of the destruction, two families have lost loved ones, as well as their homes, and all their possessions.  The kids are being supported generously by their friends, families, schools and communities, who have made sure the funds are available for them to continue to participate in the trip to London, to train at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  However, they could do with support to replace their possessions.

antiqued copper chain, with foil glass and bone beads

I’m heading overseas myself in a week, but in the meantime, I’m offering some of my hand-made jewellery for sale to the highest bidder. I’ve created a Facebook site, where the items are visible in an album.  Click on a photo to see the minimum price, and place your bid in the comments space.  The last bid to be placed by noon (Brisbane time) on Wednesday 9th March will be the winner.

I’ll send payment details to all the winners on Wednesday afternoon, and post the items out in gift boxes as soon as payment is confirmed.

Be assured, every cent you provide will go to the SGCNZ for distribution to the young people concerned.  I will bear the cost of postage and any bank charges involved.

Please bid generously.  Enjoy the fun of the auction, and catch yourself a pretty little bargain, or a gift for someone you know who enjoys wearing pretty thing.

More information here


Three Passions in One

Tomorrow, Sunday 29th August, I will finally have my very own market stall, and I’m pretty excited. It may be for just the one day, or it may work out as a regular feature, it will all depend on how it goes tomorrow, and whether I can get someone to stand in for me while I’m away in NZ for three weeks.

I’ll be selling my handmade jewellery at the Valley Laneway Markets and I will be in California Lane, between Ann and McLaughlin Streets, just a few hundred yards down the road from Brunswick Streets.  It would be great if you would drop by to say Hi!

All proceeds from sales will go towards production costs for my new show The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will), which will be presented by Thunder’s Mouth Theatre at the Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio from 9th to 12th November. Now THAT is exciting.  I’m looking forward to getting this stage of the journey completed – the PhD performance as research stage – so that I can get to the next stage, which will be the World Tour!

You can keep up with developments, the auditioning and rehearsal process, and all the trials and tribulations, joys and celebrations of making theatre by following me on Twitter, @thundersmouth.

Handmade by Flloyd also has its own Twitter feed, @handmadebyflloy (there wasn’t room for the ‘d’), and of course, there’s me just rabbiting on at @flloydpk.

Oh, and I’ve changed the theme for this blog, to one that allows us to have a conversation!  My apologies to anyone who has posted a comment for not replying, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it.  This one might not be as pretty, but the picture at the top is one I took of Deception Bay a couple of years ago, from Bribie Island across the Passage.

who what when where why whatever

No, that’s not a question. It’s a statement. It’s what I say when I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, or why I am doing it.

So, let’s ponder, and see if something useful comes up.  I’m sitting in the little office of my latest house-sit, in Everton Hills on the outskirts of Brisbane. I have a lovely view of some of the “I could be a mountain if I really tried” hills that skirt around the suburbs, with only a few settlements (so far) escaping into and beyond their folds.

I am being kept company by a lovely old dog named Neesh. She sleeps a lot, but she also lies very still with her eyes open quite a lot, waiting for her owners to return. The first few days after they left she was quite happy to potter around her usual haunts, only coming up to me at meal times – that’s HER definition of meal times, which amounts to any time I approach the kitchen.  But we’ve been having some pretty terrific storms here over the past week, and she is absolutely terrified of the thunder.  I have known some scaredy dogs in my time, but this one actually shivers till her teeth chatter.  So we’ve not only been doing some serious bonding, but she now follows me closely everywhere, and sleeps at my feet whenever she can. Right now, she has crashed on the carpet behind my chair, looking very relaxed.

Now me, I don’t feel relaxed.  I know I never did put up a posting on the performance at VASTA, just talked it out, I guess. The whole project has moved on from then, I have now acquired my production team, Ira Seidenstein (Quantum Clown) directing, John Rodgers composing soundscape, Jason Glenwright as lighting designer and hopefully Bec Li as stage manager (subject to availability).  John Graham is coming out to Brisbane from Provo, Utah to play Jerome, and the wonderful Anna Yen is going to play Kate.

Instead of writing personal blog posts or developing the script (or writing my thesis, for that matter), I’ve been coordinating a mini-Fringe Festival which began as a daft idea in August, when I arrived back from the States, and happened in November.  You can check it all out on the blog and the website  I directed some of my voice and acting students in a 10 minute performance of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

and was absolutely thrilled to be invited to be part of Ira Seidenstein’s Quantum Clown show “A Whole Bunch o’ Clowns”.

Now, of course, the sword of Damocles that is my thesis is revealed to be directly above my head, and I must must must get down to get out from under it.  Hence writing this post…

Oh, I forgot to mention, my other most excellent avoidance tactic, I made and displayed my Handmade By Flloyd jewellery at the Fringe Bar Designer Fashion Sale last Saturday. I sold two pairs of earrings (one pair made on the spot to the client’s specifications) and a necklet.  So there’s lots left still to be sold.  Do feel free to buy!  All proceeds to Thunder’s Mouth Theatre and the production of The Fall of June Bloom (this coming June, 2010, in the Cement Box, St Lucia).