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Quietly Stepping Out for CARE

22 May 11 14:00 PM

This morning I returned to the walkway along the Brisbane River for the first time since I’ve been back in the country. I was delighted to find it practically deserted, hardly another person at all as I walked from Auchenflower towards the city, and only a few manic speeding cyclists on the walk back.

Quite Walking by the Brisbane River

Isn’t it interesting, how cyclists who complain bitterly about being hounded off the roads by speeding, thoughtless motorists will team up to speed along the walkways with absolutely no thought for the pedestrians they are supposed to be sharing the space with. Ok, enough whinging. It was a beautiful walk, cool and a little bit drizzly, calm and quiet. I am very lucky to be able to walk just for my health and pleasure, unlike millions of women who walk to survive.

Also, I discovered that if I place the pedometer too tightly on my waistband, it only counts every second or third step, so I’ve actually been walking more than I thought I had! Today, I’m up to 9,692, and it’s only 2 pm. My fundraising total is creeping up slowly, thanks to very kind and generous friends. I hope you will join them, if you haven’t already – here’s the link: www.everydayhero.com.au/Flloyd_Kennedy.  If you have, thank you so much!

with love Flloyd

Christchurch gets personal

tiny Swarovski crystals on Sterling Silver wire hoops

Those earthquake images were horrifying, the voices of the people affected so familiar, and yet it is still quite shocking to hear that people I know are among those affected.

Last September, I was part of the Shakespeare’s Globe Centre New Zealand National Schools Production Week, one of three theatre directors who lead workshops and directed the participants in condensed versions of Shakespeare’s plays.  We each worked with 15 students, aged between 15 and 18, from all over New Zealand, and we each had Christchurch kids in our groups.

double strand bracelet, glass, plastic and silver

I have now heard that although most were lucky enough to escape the worst of the destruction, two families have lost loved ones, as well as their homes, and all their possessions.  The kids are being supported generously by their friends, families, schools and communities, who have made sure the funds are available for them to continue to participate in the trip to London, to train at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  However, they could do with support to replace their possessions.

antiqued copper chain, with foil glass and bone beads

I’m heading overseas myself in a week, but in the meantime, I’m offering some of my hand-made jewellery for sale to the highest bidder. I’ve created a Facebook site, where the items are visible in an album.  Click on a photo to see the minimum price, and place your bid in the comments space.  The last bid to be placed by noon (Brisbane time) on Wednesday 9th March will be the winner.

I’ll send payment details to all the winners on Wednesday afternoon, and post the items out in gift boxes as soon as payment is confirmed.

Be assured, every cent you provide will go to the SGCNZ for distribution to the young people concerned.  I will bear the cost of postage and any bank charges involved.

Please bid generously.  Enjoy the fun of the auction, and catch yourself a pretty little bargain, or a gift for someone you know who enjoys wearing pretty thing.

More information here