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Quietly Stepping Out for CARE

22 May 11 14:00 PM

This morning I returned to the walkway along the Brisbane River for the first time since I’ve been back in the country. I was delighted to find it practically deserted, hardly another person at all as I walked from Auchenflower towards the city, and only a few manic speeding cyclists on the walk back.

Quite Walking by the Brisbane River

Isn’t it interesting, how cyclists who complain bitterly about being hounded off the roads by speeding, thoughtless motorists will team up to speed along the walkways with absolutely no thought for the pedestrians they are supposed to be sharing the space with. Ok, enough whinging. It was a beautiful walk, cool and a little bit drizzly, calm and quiet. I am very lucky to be able to walk just for my health and pleasure, unlike millions of women who walk to survive.

Also, I discovered that if I place the pedometer too tightly on my waistband, it only counts every second or third step, so I’ve actually been walking more than I thought I had! Today, I’m up to 9,692, and it’s only 2 pm. My fundraising total is creeping up slowly, thanks to very kind and generous friends. I hope you will join them, if you haven’t already – here’s the link: www.everydayhero.com.au/Flloyd_Kennedy.  If you have, thank you so much!

with love Flloyd

Let the Pod Begin!

at long, looooong last, I have returned. Actually, I completely forgot I even had this website, with the blog already in action, nice layout etc. So I’ve been fiddling about with WordPress sites with long names, ah, what the heck, it’s done now.

I have finally figured out the podcast thing, and I’m committed to developing this as a personal diary, partly to keep in touch with you all, let you know what’s happening in my neck of the woods, but also because it is a great way to figure things out, by talking them through, out loud.

So, once more with trepidation, here goes nothing:

Yesterday morning, I decided to park the car in such a place that I had to walk for at least half an hour to get to my appointment with the health clinic. Thus I acquired a healthy heart rate while collecting a $40 parking ticket. Some sort of crazy justice there, I guess. It’s all part and parcel of the way my life seems to be organising itself at the moment.  I took my digital recorder, and chatted away to myself as I walked, switching off when close to other walkers, puffing more than I realised, and speaking far to close to the microphone, hence the rather fuzzy quality of the recording.

I spent half the day working on this, editing the audio files, trying to figure out how and where to upload them – oh, and setting up a new website and blog for a colleague.

Today I discovered that the mp3 file was flawed, so I’ve redone the whole thing, and I think it should work this time…

So, once again – for those of you who loyally tried to access it yesterday – here goes nothing…

Thinking while Walking and Talking